Hotmail Sign in

Hotmail is one of the earliest webmail services, providing users with the best services. It allows users to receive and send emails with attachments with a large capacity. Developed by Sabeer Bhatia, it is a leading service offered by Microsoft.

With the fact that Hotmail login is becoming easy to be added further improvements, not confined to the previous features. Currently Hotmail has:

Increased the storage space

Expanded inbox

Updated the layout

Easier interface

How to log in Hotmail


It is very simple to use a Hotmail account, users just need to register and log in Hotmail to be able to use the utilities that it brings. Registration steps are mandatory for all accounts not only for Hotmail, if users perform the steps properly and confirm the account then the registration will not encounter any difficulty. After successful registration, go to homepage of Hotmail and log in Hotmail and start using.

How to log in Hotmail directly

The log into any account has become very familiar with each person, users need to enter the username or registered e-mail address and password, Hotmail is the same. For Hotmail login users need to enter name and password, this can take some unnecessary time when it’s your personal device. On the personal devices, let your Hotmail automatically log in Hotmail.


To log directly into your Hotmail account, just select Kepp Logged which appears under the login data. Or you can go to the settings of your browser and allow the option to remember passwords, but note that when this option is enabled in your browser to store the access data from all the websites you log into in the future. You should only log in Hotmail on personal devices, do not use the remembering login on strange devices that are not yours. Doing so helps you avoid the risk of account theft.

Hotmail login fails due to forgotten passwords


Sometimes when logging in Hotmail you cannot remember the password you have set, you do not know how to get back, it can be recovered via the phone or via alternative email. Access to the Forget password page, click on the part I forget my password, then enter your account name, enter the confirmation code and click Next, choose the methods which confirm that you are the account owner. Next, check your phone or confirmation email, enter the new password, after Hotmail login change your password again. Note that the password must not coincide with any password you have set and must have at least 8 characters. To ensure the security level of the account you should use a password with uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

Hotmail is a common and necessary service for everyone to serve much for work, so users should be aware to protect their account. The method of Hotmail login is also the way to protect your account. Be smart user when logging in Hotmail to use.