Login Hotmail

Hotmail is the management software of the compilation, sending, and receipt of emails like Yahoo, gmail released by Microsoft on May 7, 2007.

Hotmail is the simple name of Windows live Hotmail, a free webmail service of Microsoft, a division of Window Live service group.

Hotmail is designed to replace the previous MSN Hotmail. Hotmail has shown the differences which are more progressive than the old MSN Hotmail with new features. It provides 2 gigabytes of storage, the automatic spell checker, custom filter, safety features, integrated with Window Live Messenger, Spaces, Calendar, Contacts and Ajax programming technology.

Despite not being as popular as Yahoo and gmail, Hotmail currently has 260 million users around the world, supporting for 36 language versions.

It is known as one of the first webmail services of the internet, created by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia.

In 1997, Hotmail was sold to Microsoft with the price of 400 million dollars, joining the MSN service group. In the initial time, Hotmail quickly became popular and became the largest webmail service in the world with over 30 million users in 1999.


Creating an account to Log in Hotmail

Hotmail accounts are quite similar to gmail accounts. If using gmail, users need to register and do the same for Hotmail. After creating an account, users can log in Hotmail and start using, you can send and receive emails of friends as well as all Microsoft services.


Just performing a few simple steps, users can immediately have an account to log in Hotmail and exploit the utilities from it.

First, visit the website of Hotmail, click the Hotmail login.

Then, fully fill in information to the email service registration form of Microsoft: name and surname, username, password, country, postal code, birth date, gender, country code, telephone number.

Next you need to confirm you are not a computer, by entering the sequence of characters you see.

You must agree and accept the terms, this is mandatory when creating a Hotmail account.

The final step is to click on the part of the account creation.

Performing the above steps means that you have registered a Hotmail account, you can completely log in Hotmail directly on your device.


Hotmail is one of the widely used services in the world, with the security mode and the ability to upload files with large capacity. For many services, the posting of large files becomes difficult, users have to split the documents to be able to send, or documents sent to you are too heavy so that you cannot receive, but when using Hotmail these issues are no longer worrying.

Hotmail has a robust security feature, which can check phishing emails according to behaviors. The unsafe emails are captured by Hotmail and it will not open the email until the user requests to open. Besides it also warns the user when detecting the fraud, files that are likely unsafe are locked so that they cannot be downloaded when attached.


Hotmail always asserts itself as one of the world’s leading webmail services. Microsoft has always been continuing to upgrade and create many new features to help users feel more confident. Hotmail will also continue to grow strongly in the future.